NFT and NFT Collection Widgets

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Adding an NFT Widget is pretty much like adding all the other widgets you're already used to adding with Coinlytics.

Coinlytics gives you three ways of visualizing your NFT data:

  • NFT Widgets
  • NFT Collection Floor Price Widgets
  • NFT Collection Floor Price Rankings Widget

NFT Widgets

To add an NFT Widget to your home screen:

  • Long press anywhere on your Home Screen
  • Tap + on the top left of your screen
  • Search for 'Coinlytics' or scroll down until you see Coinlytics in the list
  • Swipe across until you get to the 'Track your NFT' widgets
  • Choose your size: small, medium or large
  • Tap 'Add Widget' - the widget will get dropped on to your Home Screen with some default settings.
  • Long press on the widget and select 'Edit Widget'
  • Make sure the 'Style' is set to 'NFT Details'
  • Tap 'NFT' to select the NFT you want to display
  • Choose your other display options
  • Tap anywhere outside the configuration screen to return to the home screen and see your NFT

You can add multiple widgets and set them to point to different NFTs.

NFT Collection Floor Price Widgets


NFT Collection Floor Price Rankings Widget


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