The Pricing List Screen

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When Coinlytics is installed, the list of coins in the Prices screen is based on the top 50 coins in the market at the point in time that you first open the app - that top 50 is ordered by market cap. The list of coins/tokens displayed on this screen is called your Watch List. 

You can add or remove coins to this watch list at any time. To add new coins, search for them by typing in the name or symbol in the search bar - Coinlytics will display a real time set of results and you can add any of those coins/tokens to your Watch List. To remove a coin from your Watch List, swipe left and tap 'Remove'. You can bulk-remove coins from your Watch List by tapping 'Edit', selecting the coins you want to remove and then tapping 'Remove'.

There are several ways to sort the list of coins in this screen - the default order used is by market cap, but if you tap on the 'Sort' icon at the top left of the screen, you can choose other sorting options. If you have a lot of coins in your Watch List, there may be some specific ones that are more important to you and you'll always want those to be at the top of your list. To do this, Coinlytics supports marking a coin as a 'Favorite'. To mark a coin as a favorite, tap on the coin to jump to the Pricing Details screen then tap the ⭐️  icon at the top of the screen. When you return to the Prices screen, you'll see that all 'favorited' coins are moved to the top of the list. 'Favorites' make sure that the most important coins are always at the top of your list regardless of the type of sorting you choose - the favorites list will be sorted first and then the rest of the coins in your Watch List will be sorted. 

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