Ethereum - Gas Prices & ETH Burned

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You can track Ethereum Gas Prices as well as total ETH burned since the London Fork.

There are three ways you can track/monitor gas prices:

  1. Blockchain Widget: Read up on Blockchain widgets. To track gas prices, choose 'Ethereum' or 'EIP-1559' as the Blockchain to use in the widget.

  2. Ethereum Alerts: You can receive an alert when the average gas price hits a specific target. Learn how to configure Ethereum Alerts.

  3. Ethereum Pricing Screen: 
    • Browse to Ethereum on the Prices screen. Tap to open it.
    • Scroll down to see various details about the Ethereum blockchain.
    • Tap on 'ETH Burned' to see the total amount of ETH burned since the London Fork (and watch it in real time!)
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