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Coinlytics gives you lots of flexibility to share widgets - you may want to share pricing with one person through messaging or you might want to post it to an audience - whatever you choose, Coinlytics can support it.

There are a few ways/places in the app where you can share a widget.

Widgets on your home screen

This is probably the most common use case - you see the price of your coin on a widget and you immediately want to share it:

  • Tap the widget which will open up the app straight into the pricing screen
  • Tap the ⚙️ Gear icon on the top right
  • Tap the 'Share' icon
  • The theme applied to the image is the same theme as the widget you tapped on
  • Send or post the screenshot to any audience.

Pricing screen

When you're looking at the pricing screen of a coin/token and you want to share that info, Coinlytics allows you to do so by sharing a widget and the process is the same as the previous example. Unless the previous example, Coinlytics needs to know which theme to use when sharing a widget from this screen - so we have a 'Shared Widget Design' setting on the 'More' page - this lets you choose which theme to use when arbitrarily sharing a widget from the pricing screen.

Widget Browser

As you're browsing through our library of themes in the Widget Browser and you tap on one to look at the details, you can share that widget - note however that you can't change the coin in this screen - the coin/token selected will be the one with the highest market cap (which will usually be Bitcoin). 

To share a Widget from the Widget Browser, tap the 'Share' icon on the top right as you're reviewing the details of a widget.

Here's a video showing each of the three methods explained above:

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