Defining a Portfolio

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You can define a 'Portfolio' for a coin or token - this means that you define a balance for that particular coin/token and Coinlytics will report on the value of that balance. You can then toggle your widgets to display balances instead of prices - or you can add additional widgets to show both. 

To define a portfolio:

  • Open the pricing screen for the coin/token you want to define a balance for

  • Tap the ⚙️  icon and the options menu will fly out.

  • Tap the wallet icon

  • The first time you do this, you'll see a screen reminding you that your balance is stored locally on your device and is never sent to our servers.

  • Enter the balance of the coin. As you do the total value will update in real time based on the current price.

  • Tap 'Save' (or tap the orange banner with the total)

  • Now you'll see the total value for that coin in the pricing screen.

  • To show that balance on a widget, long press on the widget and tap 'Edit'

  • Toggle the 'Display Portolio' switch.

  • When you return to your home screen, you'll now see the value of the total balance of the coin based on the current price.

Here's a short video showing how this works:

If you define a portfolio for a coin/token, you can also display that value on your Apple Watch instead of the current price. Click here to see how to use Coinlytics for your Apple Watch.

Security is important to us - a reminder that Coinlytics stores this portfolio information exclusively on your phone and does not send it back to our servers. We do not track this information or send it to our servers.

You can also choose to hide your Portfolio data in the app - if you want to take screenshots or show the app to someone else and you've defined portfolios for your coins, you may not want to share this information. To quickly hide portfolio data, go to More -> Config and toggle 'Stealth Mode'. When Stealth Mode is on, all portfolio information will be hidden across the app and all Widgets. Please note: when you toggle to Stealth Mode, if you've switched to Portfolio mode on your Apple Watch, you'll need to tap on a complication/open the app in order for Stealth Mode to go into effect. We are looking into improving this experience in the future but due to some limitations for now you will need to manually open the watch app for Stealth Mode to take effect.

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