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Coinlytics lets you easily share Widgets with your friends or to social media. Posting a Widget is a great way of sharing pricing information to your audience. 

Note: Coinlytics will only allow you to share Widget pricing - for security reasons you cannot share your portfolio.

There are several ways you can share a Widget:

  • The Coinlytics pricing screen
  • The Widget Browser
  • Tapping on a Widget from your homescreen

Pricing Screen

To share a Widget from the pricing screen:

  • Go the pricing screen for the coin/token you're interested in.
  • Tap the ⚙️ icon on the top right of the screen. The coin menu will fly out.
  • Tap the ⏍ share icon

If you got to the pricing screen from within the app, the app will use a default Widget theme for sharing. This is defined on the 'More' screen under 'Shared Widget Design' - this setting defines the default theme to use when sharing from *within* the app. 

If you get to the pricing screen after tapping a Widget on your home screen, the app will use the same design as the widget you tapped on.

The Widget Browser

The Widget Browser lets you browse through our entire collection of Widget designs and themes. If you choose one, you can share it right from the browser. Note that in this mode you can only share the coin that is displayed in the Widget browser.

To share a Widget from the Widget Browser:

  • Tap on the 'Widgets' button at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose a Widget to share - tap on it.
  • Choose your size
  • Tap the 'Share' icon on the top right to share your widget!

iPhone/iPad Home Screen

Simply tap on a Widget and you'll be taken to the pricing screen.

  • Tap the ⚙️ icon on the top right of the screen. The coin menu will fly out.
  • Tap the ⏍ share icon

 Watch the video below to see how to share a Widget:

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