How much does Coinlytics cost?

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Coinlytics is free to download, install and use right away. The free version includes 5 themes and you can install and configure one, two and three coin widgets. You can also install a single coin on to your Apple Watch with the Coinlytics Apple Watch app.

A premium subscription, available monthly or annually, gives you access to:

  • All themes and widget types
  • Free Widget Updates
  • Foreign Exchange Widgets
  • Blockchain Widgets
  • News Alerts
  • Price Alerts
  • Market Cap Alerts
  • Exchange Alerts
  • Unlimited Coins you can add to your Apple watch
  • Ethereum Alerts
  • Wallet Address Balance Monitoring and Alerts

If you choose a monthly subscription you can unsubscribe at any time. If you have active alerts, they will stop working 2 days after your subscription ends however you can still continue to use the app and enjoy all of the free version features as listed above.

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