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Coinlytics supports over 170 different currencies. This gives you some powerful tools and options when using Coinlytics.

To see the full list of currencies, tap 'More' and then 'Currencies'. The default currency is the US Dollar. If you want to change Coinlytics to work in a different currency, simply tap on that currency and you'll be asked if you want to make that the default. If you do, all pricing across the app will change to that currency. Under the covers Coinlytics still works on US dollar pricing but will convert to your currency of choice.

Widgets give you much more fine grain control over currencies - you can customize each widget individually to show a different currency if you want. So you can have two widgets with US dollar pricing, one with Australian dollar pricing, etc. Changing these currencies is easy - just long press on the widget, select 'Edit' and then change your preferred currency.

Finally, Coinlytics offers Foreign Exchange widgets (available with the subscription). These are widgets that let you display multiple foreign exchange conversions to track those currencies - there are three versions available and they are easy to configure. Check out the video below for an example:

To configure a ForEx widget, long press on the Widget until the 'Edit Widget' menu appears - select it:

Theme: Choose a light or dark theme.

Base Currency: The currency to convert from.

Conversion Currency: The currency to convert to.

The small ForEx Widget supports a single conversion, the medium Widget supports two and the large Widget supports six conversions.


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