Ethereum Alerts

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Ethereum Alerts are triggered when various statistics related to the Ethereum blockchain reach targets that you define. 

There are currently four categories of alerts related to ETH that we monitor:

  • Transaction Fee
  • Market Dominance
  • Average Gas Price (gwei)
  • Transactions

To create an Ethereum Alert:

  1. Tap 'More'

  2. Tap 'Alerts'

  3. Tap 'Add Alert' - if this is your first alert Coinlytics will ask permission to send alerts to your device.

  4. Choose the 'Ethereum' alert.

  5. Choose the category of alert you want Coinlytics to monitor.

  6. Choose your criteria:
    • Above: the alert will be triggered when the value is above your target.
    • Below: the alert will be triggered when the value is below your target.
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