How can I track the alt coins/tokens I'm interested in?

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Modified on: Thu, 26 Aug, 2021 at 6:22 PM

Coinlytics supports thousands of coins/tokens, but by default we display the most popular ones. We determine popularity based on market cap, but you can sort your Watch List by several other metrics.

If you don't see the coins/tokens that you follow, simply go to the Prices tab and search for the coin you want - select it and it will be added to your portfolio. 

Adding a coin/ERC-20 token to your watch list.

To optimize our servers, we don't track historical pricing for tokens that are not popular. If you add a token that isn't in our cache it may take a couple of minutes for us to gather some additional information so please wait a few minutes and you'll see additional graphs and historical information appear. If you're still not seeing the coins and tokens that are important to you after a search, please contact us and we'll quickly figure out how to get that into your watch list.

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